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Haus-Neufus Reviews

Kaya vom Haus Neufus

February 26, 2018


I can’t thank you enough for raising such a healthy, smart and beautiful bundle of joy! I searched for several years and did my research on breeders far and wide! I have never been more impressed by a breeder!  

Your genuine care and concern for all of your dogs from youngest to oldest. Not once they have found new homes either! The care and concern never stops! I visited with you several times over the last few years, countless phone calls and emails waiting for the appropriate time to get one of your precious babies! It was more then worth the wait!  

Kaya has become the love of my life! She is the best dog I’ve ever had the privilege to own! You have been a hugh support and a wealth of knowledge for me raising Kaya!  

When I wanted to feed a raw diet I looked to you for all my answers. You even made sure I had a proper raw food supplier!You worked with me on maintaining a proper weight during her developmental stage as well as teaching me how to prepare Kaya for the show ring!  

Every time I’ve visited your home it was immaculate! You would never know you raise those babies in your home! Kaya was basically housebroken and so well socialized! She wasn’t afraid of anything! The confidence continued with your guidance on socializing and nutritional support!  

You are truly the ideal breeder everyone would be blessed to have!  Even as I write this I still feel I’m not doing you the justice you deserve! The German Shepherd breed would all live long and healthy lives if all breeders were as conscience about their breeding practices!  

God Bless You!

Tina and Kaya


Faith vom Haus Neufus

May 1, 2017

Hi Jana!

Justice at 2 years 8 months. Love my baby girl and cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be her Mom!

- Michelle




Kora vom Haus Neufus

April 16, 2017

Hi Jana!

Happy Easter from Kora and me! She's so smart.... brilliant actually, and catches onto so many things almost intuitively.....still perfect in her pottying and overnights in her xpen sprawled out upside down ....she and the cats are doing really well .... I think they are glad to have a dog back in the house and lay near her .... and for me, it feels like I've been best friends with this sweet puppy forever ....we are having so much fun ..... she's so funny .... I'm trying you send you the video of her first meeting the unknown empty water jug in the photo, but it won't go through - maybe it will later .... thank you again for all your work raising her.

- Joie


Gabriel Q. vom Haus Neufus

December 19, 2014

Hi Jana!

I wanted to let you know that Gabriel Q. did great all the way home. He let us know when he had to go potty by whining. We only had to stop twice. He had four visitors last night already. He only had to go outside once during the night. He is very curious and extremely playful. He follows Stan everywhere. That is exactly what Stan wanted. Thank you so much! We could not be happier!

- Tammy


Faith Vom Haus Neufus

October 4, 2014


Faith made it safely, She is beyond perfect! She is so good and loving. We have bonded already; she is exhausted after the flight and is asleep on my lap. I can not thank you enough for my precious puppy.

- Michelle





Delta Vom Haus Neufus

September 18, 2014


Bravo turned 1 couple months ago and I just wanted to tell you how great he's doing and how much I love him. We all do! He's such a great dog. Loving and fun and playfull.

Wouldn't trade him for anything! So happy he chose us for his forever family. Hope you guys are doing well.

- Mika





Bruno Vom Haus Neufuss

September 11, 2012

Hi Jana,

Wanted to give a little update and send you a picture of our beautiful boy Bruno.

He is doing very well, we took him to the vet this past week and he weighs 36 pounds! Such a big boy already!

Bruno is so well tempered and a great listener, he is one of the best dogs we have ever had. Thank you so much!

- Megan



We have received such a nice Email from Karla, the happy owner of " Bridget ".
We like to share these lines with you:


Bridget at three 1/2 months

Bridget vom Haus Neufus at three and half months

July 21, 2012

Hi Jana,

My puppy is wonderful!!! She came fully potty trained, (thank you:), and she sleeps thru the night. She seems to like the cats a lot..........especially the one male, and my shepherd is really good with her. My shiz tsu / american Eskimo is little put out, but she will get over it. Thank you so much for being such a great mom to her before she came to live with us. We love her a lot!



We have received an Email from Jim, the happy owner of " Bella ".
We would like to share these lines with all the visitors of our webpage:


Bella at three months

Bella vom Haus Neufus at three months

July 5, 2012

Hello Jana,

I'm writing to tell you how happy we are with Bella. She is an absolute joy to be around! On Monday, we had her checked out at the Vet and all is well. Her stool sample was clear and her heart is sound. She weighs 12.5 pounds now and eats like a horse . . . . a Belgian draft horse!

Bella has acclimated well with our other GSD, a 2 year old female, and they are playing together. But, the heat brings them inside pretty quickly.

Bella is eating 1 cup of food, 3 times and day, and acts like she is starving.

Pictures will be coming soon. Thanks for a healthy pup.

- Jim

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