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Haus-Neufus Litter E:
Born January 22, 2014

Evo, Eli, Elsa, Essie

SG1 Soren vom Kuckucksland

NASS 2012 VP2
Regionals 2013 SG2

BH, AD, HD – normal, ED - normal, ZW 75, OFA tested N/N for Degenerative Myelopathy (not a carrier), full dentition, AKC DNA

2x SG1 Babe Vom Haus Dexel


BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal, ZW 81, full dentition, DNA Gpr., OFA tested N/N for Degenerative Myelopathy (not a carrier).


Evo is 2 years old.

Elsa 1 year old.

Elsa at 9 months old.

Evo at 7 months old.

Elsa 6 months old.

Elsa is 21 weeks old.

Evo is 20 weeks old.

Elsa is 19 weeks old.

Essie is 14 and half weeks old.

Elsa is 14 weeks old.

Evo is 14 weeks old.

Elsa is 12 weeks old.

Elsa at ten and half weeks old. She is enjoying the rest of the snow.

Essie at ten and half weeks old.

Elsa is 9 1/2 weeks old. The last picture of Babe and Elsa.

Essie with another Haus Neufus friend.

Puppies are 8 weeks old

Our boy Evo.

Eli is medium drive male with a very sweet personality.

Elsa will be staying wth us a litter longer.......

.......before being picked up by her new family next week.

Essie likes to bite whatever she can get hold off.
Eli on the left and Evo on the right.

We were very happy about this litter. The puppies inherited big heads and big bone structure with great temperament.

The puppies enjoyed company very much!


Puppies are 7 weeks old

Eli and the rest of the puppies are very tired after playing outside for 2 hours so it was very easy for Jana to take the pictures.

...and his brother.

This is Essie hidng under chair.

So does Elsa.

Both brothers.
The pups are very sleepy.

Dinner time!

Eli again.


Puppies are 6 weeks old

This is Elsa

...and her sister Essie.

This is the boy Eli

....and his brother.

The puppies keep themself occupied all the time. They are so cute.
Babe is hugging her baby.

We can not believe the pups weight close to 14 pound each at 6 weeks old.

The puppies are playing the tug of war with mommy.

Puppies are 5 weeks old

Two boys

...and the girls.

The darker boy.

This is our Eli.

Baby girl....

...and her sister.

The boy and the girl.

The puppies are investigating the bedroom.


Puppies are 4 weeks old

Big boy

...and his brother.

Our baby girl.

Her sister.

Two brothers....

and twin sisters.

It is not easy to keep them together.

Having fun with mom!


Puppies are 3 weeks old

Baby girl

...and her brother.

Our baby boy.

Beautiful girl.

The puppies had a first lunch today and they really enjoyed it.

They are watching mommy.

Sleeping boy.

They already playing with each other.

Puppies are 14 days old

This is a baby girl...

...and her sister.

This a big boy...

...and his brother.

They were just nine days old

when they opened the eyes.

The puppies are taking their first woobly steps

and becoming more independant.


Puppies are 7 days old

As you can see the puppies...

...are doing very well.

They are getting bigger and stronger every single day.

It will not take a long time...

...and they will open their eyes for the first time.

The boys and girls are the same size.

This is a big boy

and his littermates.




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