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Haus-Neufus Litter A:
Aron, Andy, and Alex
Born July 8, 2011

SG1 Jurza Von Der Kahler Heide
Born: 16th of July, 2009
BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal, DNA GPR.

SG1 Babe Vom Haus Dexel
Born: 7th of January, 2009
BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal, DNA GPR.


Aron 9 months old


Andy at 16 weeks old


Alex at 16 weeks old

According to his owner he is so smart.


Puppies at 8 weeks old

Alex is a pretty wild male.

Andy is such a cute boy.

Aron has a nice play drive.

The boys are very playful.

Puppies at 6 weeks old old

It's too sunny for us!

Boy, have the boys grown a lot in the last week and half.

They are so active and alive.

This is a wild little boy.

What should I do now?

I am so busy I don't want to be held now.

Taking a cover under a step.

I like to play with mom.


Puppies at 4-1/2 weeks old

This is so yummy!

Babe with her boys.

I like to bite my brother.

He is resting for a minute.

I am so cute. Look at me!


Puppies at 16 days old

The boys are doing very well...

...since mom has so much milk.

They are getting very heavy...

...and very active, too.

These puppies have everything: beautiful pigmentation,...

...big muscular heads, and very good bone structure.


Puppies at 10 days old

Babe takes such good care of her boys

She does not leave her basket

The boy opened his eyes for the first time today

So did his brother

Always looking for the milk bar

It's time to take a nap




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