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Happy New Owners


Litter Y puppies with the new owners.

Yogi Bear with his dad. Yogi is his second boy from Haus Neufus.

Yara and her new mom and dad. Another Haus Neufus boy is waiting for her at home.

Yukon with his new family.

Yuli with her new mom.

Yumen with his dad.
Litter X puppies with the new owners.

Xena with her new family. She will have another Haus Neufus boy to play with.

Xerxes with his dad.

Xfinity with his amazing parents.
Litter W puppies with the new owners.

Wellington with his parents.

Whisky with her family.

Walther with his mom and dad.

Wrangler with his mom.

Winston with his mom.

Willow with her mom.

Wolfgang Otto with his parents.
Litter V puppies with the new owners.

Vico with his new mom.

Valor with her new parents.

Vaile with his new mom and dad.

Vitalina with her mom.

Vor with his mom and dad.

Venus with her mom.

Victory with her new mom.

Vanessa with her family.
Litter U puppies with the new parents.

Udo and his mom.

Utah and his mom.

Una and her mommy and daddy.

Unavagio and his best friend.

U-Ranger and her new parents.

Unique and her new daddy.
Litter T puppy with the new family.

Tilda with her mommy and daddy.

Litter S puppies with the new parents.

Stefan with his mom and dad.

Sadie with her family.

Scarlett with her dad.

Sage with her mom.

Ryker with his new family.

Roxy with her new family and another Haus Neufus friend is waiting for her at home.

Queen B with her family.

Quirin with his mom and dad.

Quinn with his mom.

Queenie with her family.


Phreya with her new parents.

Oceana with her mom and dad.


Niko with his new parents.

Niska with her mom and dad.


Moona with her new family.


Maya with her new dad.


Marshall with his new family.


Major with his new family..


Lars with his new mom.


Luna with her family.


Louis with his new family


Luger with his mom and dad


Kaiser with his new family


Kaya will be staying with a friend


Kida with her family


Kora with her new mommy


Joren with his new family.


Jasmine with her new owner.


Isa with her new mommy and daddy.



Iris with her family.


Hania Q. with her family.



Harper with her owner


Hadley with his new mom.



Haley will be sharing the home with Hadley.


Griffin with his owner



Gracious Ella with her owner


Gabriel Q with his new family


Faya with her new family


Fenix with his new owners


Elsa with her new family


Evo with his new family


Eli with his new owner


Danica with her new owner


Delta with his family


Caliapy with her new family


Dexter with his new mom


Cabo with his new owners



Cleo with her family


Chiara with her new owner


Colby with his new friend


Bailey with her family




Bella with her family



Bridget with her friend

Bjorn with his new friends


Bobbi with her new owner


Brandi with her mom


Bruno with his family



Aron with his new owner


Andy with his new owner


Alex with his new owner



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