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Haus-Neufus Litter S:
Born November 1, 2020

Sage, Scarlett, Stefan, Sadie

Litter will be linebred – 5 generations
* 4 - VA9 2x VA1 (CN) Furbo degli Achei
* 5 – VA2 Quenn vom Loher Weg

Litter ZW 80 / Breed Size 111



IPO1, BH, AD, HD/ ED: normal / fast normal, ZW 84, AKC DNA , Full dentition, DM clear, MDR-1: N/N

Mailo has an excellent temperament, solid nerves, strong, balance drive and excellent conformation.

He has a very high play drive and he loves to be trained in Schutzhund. Mailo is a big lover but at the same time he turns into a powerhouse on the training field.

He is large, strong male with a beautiful big head and a very good pigmentation.

Mailo is the son of VA Gavin vom Hasenborn, one of the best producers these days in Europe.

View more pictures on our Mailo paige.





BH, AD, HD/ ED: normal / normal, ZW 76, DM clear , AKC DNA, Full dentition


Faya is a female with a gorgeous black mask and very deep red pigmentation with medium play drive. She is a medium size female with great expression. She has a great bone structure, a silky coat, is very athletic and great family dog.

Faya has a soft temperament and her favorite hobbies are agility and chasing the ball.

Faya's pedigree includes some of the best dogs who excelled in schutzhund work and received VA titles.

View more pictures on our Faya page.



Scarlett between 14 to 16 months old.

Stefan from 5 and half months old to 7 and half months old on these pictures.

Sadie from 3 and half months old to 7 and half months old on these pictures.

Saige from 5 months old to 7 months old.

Scarlett from three months old to 7 months old.

Sage at 9 weeks old.

Sadie between 9 to 12 weeks old.


She is 9 weeks old on this picture and ....

................3 months old.


He is 9 weeks old.

Stefan at 3 months old.

The puppies are close 8 weeks old.

This is Sage.

Sage on the left and Sadie on the right.

This is Scarlett.

The boy Stefan.

Stefan again.


Sadie again.

Sleeping gang.
The puppies are 7 weeks old.

This is Scarlett.

This is Sage.

This is Sadie.

This is Stefan.

Scarlett and her bully stick.

The puppies are 5 and half weeks old.

The first two pictures show the boy.

He has such a beautiful head.

Two girls.

The boy on the left and the girl on the right.

Mama and her girl.

The girl.

The girl..........

.......and her sister.
The puppies are 4 and half weeks old.

This is a girl!

Another girl.

This is a girl and ...........

...............her brother.

Two girls.

The girl on the left and the boy on the right.

Three sisters..

The boy on the left.
The puppies are 3 and half weeks old.

This is a girl and ................

........her sister.

Another girl and ...........

...............her brother.

The whole gang.

The pups enjoyed the food

Mom Faya and her babies.

She is such a good mom.
The puppies are 14 days old.

The girl laying on the boy.

The boy on the left and the girl on the rightl.

The pile of the puppies.

The puppies are 7 days old.

The first three pictures show the boy.

The folowing three pictures show the baby girl.

It won't be a long and they will open the eyes.







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