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Haus-Neufus Litter L:
Born September 5, 2017

Luna, Lars, Luger, Louis

Litter will be linebred – 5 generations
* 4,5 - VA1 Bax von der LuisenstraBe
* 5 – VA4 Odin vom Hirschel
* 5 – VA4 Beaury van de Haus Kikura

V Cyrus vom Team Barrett


IPO2, BH, AD, KKL, OFA HD – good ED - normal, ZW 72, OFA tested N/N for Degenerative Myelopathy (not carrier), AKC DNA, Full dentition

Cyrus is well-balanced for an intact male, and very social with people and other dogs.

He has a very high play drive and is so easy to train. Loves to swim, go for a walks, chase a ball and be with his family.

He is large, strong male with extremely masculine head.

He is son of VA Diaz von Veterinaria. Cyrus's pedigree includes some of the most famous German Shepherds ever known.

His progeny inherited very well in the past. Please view our K-litter.

View more pictures on our Cyrus page.


SG Faya vom Team Barrett


BH, AD, HD - normal, ED - normal, ZW 76, OFA tested N/N for Denegerative Myelopathy (not carrier), AKC DNA, Full dentition

Faya is a female with a gorgeous black mask and very deep red pigmentation with medium play drive. She is medium size female with great expression. She has great bone structure, a silky coat, is very athletic and great family dog.

Faya has a soft temperament and her favorite hobbies are agility and chasing the ball.

Faya's pedigree includes some of the best dogs who excelled in schutzhund work and received VA titles.

View more pictures on our Faya page.

Louis at 18 months old.

He is so tired after the brushing.

Louis at one year old.

Louis on the left and his girlfriend.

Sleepy time!

Lars is one year old.



Louis at 7 months

Louis and his sister Jasmine, the progeny of Cassandra and Soren.

Louis has a beautiful big head and wonderful temperament.

Lars is 6 months old.

He is a very hansome boy.

Lars with his friend.
Luna at 6 months old.

She is a beautiful combination of Faya and Cyrus.

Louis, since he was baby until 3 and half months. He has another Haus Neufus friend.

Luna is 4 and half months old.

Luna is 10 weeks old.

The puppies between eight and nine weeks old in their new homes.

Louis with his girlfriend Jasmine,

she is the daughter of Cassndra and Soren.

Luger with his best friend Fenix,

he is the son of Vanissa and Bjorn.

Luna at 9 weeks old,

she has a friend, too.

Even Lars has a best friend to play with.

He is 9 weeks old on these pictures.

The puppies are eight weeks old.

This is Luger....

....and his brother Lars.

Lars again.

The boys are having fun.

This is Luna.

And Luna again.

The boys.

He has such a beautiful head.

The puppies are seven weeks old.

This is our darkest boy.

His name is Louis.

This is Lars,

he is such a sweet boy.

These two pictures show Luna,

she is a very loving female.

This is Luger,

he will go to the new home where they already own one of Haus Neufus dogs.

The puppies are six weeks old.

This is Luna.

Two boys.

The boy with mom.

Luna again.

Very tired girl.

The next three pictures show boys. They were tired after playing outside for a few hours with mom. It will be a big day tomorrow for the puppies. They are scheduled to be seen by the vet and they will ride in the car for the first time.

All of them have a very nice big heads.

The puppies are five weeks old.

These two pictures show our girl,

she is such a sweetie.

The boy.

Two boys.

Another boy.

The girl and the boy.

The last boy.

The puppies are four weeks old.

This is a girl.

She is such a sweetie and already shows a nice play drive.

The boys.

The girl again with mom.

This is a boy.

Another boy!

Our darkest boy.

The puppies are three weeks old.

This is a boy.

Another boy.

This is a girl.

The puppies are taking a nap with Jan.

Sleeping boy.

Snack time!

The puppies are very active these days.

The puppies are two weeks old.

These two pictures show our girl.

She is very active for this age.

This is a boy.

One more boy.

These two pictures show three boys.

They starting to interact with each other.

The puppies are having lunch.

The puppies are six days old.

The puppies have an extremely nice pigmentationt

and a very nice bone structure.

They are still sleeping most of the time,

but they will notice right away when mom is nearby.

Cannot wait to watch these puppies grow!

Always full belly.






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