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Haus-Neufus Litter K:
Born February 15, 2017

Kida, Kora, Kaiser, Kaya.

V Cyrus vom Team Barrett


IPO2, KKL Life, BH, AD, OFA HD/ED: good/ normal, ZW 72, OFA tested N/N for Degenerative Myelopathy (not carrier), full dentition

Cyrus is well-balanced for an intact male, and very social with people and other dogs.

He has a very high play drive and is so easy to train. Loves to swim, go for a walks, chase a ball and be with his family.

He is large, strong male with extremely masculine head.

He is son of VA Diaz von Veterinaria. Cyrus's pedigree includes some of the most famous German Shepherds ever known.

View more pictures on our Cyrus page.


SG Tina vom Hauswalder Bach


BH, AD, TR1, DH - fast normal, ED - normal, ZW 87, OFA tested N/N for Denegerative Myelopathy (not carrier), full dentition

Tina is a female with a gorgeous mask and very deep red pigmentation with high play drive. Tina is large female with great expression.She is very active yet very sweet and great family dog.

Tina has a loyal, easy going temperament. She is daughter of VA Fulz di Zenevredo.

Tina's pedigree includes some of the best dogs who excelled in schutzhund work and received VA titles.

View more pictures on our Tina page.

Kida at 3 years old.

Kida turned into a beautiful female.

She looks like her mom.

SG Kaya vom Haus Neufus at 26 months old.

Kaya is a beautiful female.......

......with a great temperament.

Kora at 26 months old.

She loves taking a pictures.

What a gorgeous head!

She has a plenty of doggie's friends.
Kida between 24 and 26 months old.

She just turned 2 years old.

She loves the swimming pool.

This picture shows how her coat is so long and thick.
Kora at 18 months old

Kaya at 18 months old.

Kaiser at 10 months old. He looks like his daddy Cyrus.

Kida at 10 months old. She is the spinning image of Tina.

Kora at 10 months old.

Kaya is 6 months old on this pcture. She was shown in MER conformation show and she came in 2nd place.

The pictures show puppies between 5 and 5 1/2 months old.

Kida, she is close to 5 months old on these pictures.

She has a beautiful head.

Kaiser grown up so much in the last few months.

He is a beautiful boy who just turned 5 and half months old.

Kora is very busy girl since her mom is doing so much stuff with her.

Kora started her first sheep herding lesson a few weeks ago and she is doing very well.

The last two pictures show Kaya. We do a lot of ring training with her for the upcoming conformation show in October and she is doing very well.

Kida is 10 weeks old on these pictures.

These pictures show the puppies between 8 to 10 weeks old.

Kora at 8 and half weeks old.

She really feels comfortable in her new home.

Kaiser at 10 weeks old.

He has two doggies friends at home.

Kida at 9 weeks old.

She has a new best friend.

Kaya at 10 weeks old.

She will be shown for the first time in less than 3 weeks in Indianapolis.

The last pictures of Kaiser at 8 and half weeks before leaving for his new home.

Kaiser went with us to the club today.

He had so much fun.

He really enjoyed chasing the rug.
The puppies are 8 weeks old.

This is Kaya, we will definitely hear about her more in the near future.

Kora will be in training to become a therapy dog.

Kida is a very wild puppy with great temperament.

Kaiser is a very loving boy.

The puppies are having fun outside.

The beautiful family together.

This is Kida again.

The puppies are 7 weeks old.

Sleepy puppies!

This is Kaiser.

This picture shows a girl.

Kaiser and his sister.

The puppies like to chase each other.

The girl and boy behind her.

This is a girl.

The puppies are 6 weeks old.

This is a girl and ...........

....................her brother!

Another girl.

One more sister.

The puppies were having fun outside today.

They were playing hide and seek around the doggie house.

Kaiser at the front.

The girls chasing each other.

The puppies are 5 weeks old.

This picture shows two girls.

Another girl on the left and boy on the right.

This is a girl.

Her sister.

The boy.

The puppies went outside for the first time today.

They really enjoyed it.

The puppies are 4 weeks old.

This is a girl!

Another girl.

Two sisters.

This is a boy!

The puppies are enjoying a lunch.

The puppies became very active the last few days.

They like to hide underneath the bed.

The puppies are 3 weeks old.

The puppies like to play with mom.

This is a boy!

The sleeping girls..

Boy again.

Another girl.

Two girls.

The puppies are 2 weeks old.

The puppies are still sleeping most of the time.

This is a boy!

They already opened the eyes.

Sleepy girl.

Another girl.

Two girls.

We are so happy how the puppies are developing.

This puppy does not like to be held.

The puppies are 6 days old.

We are so happy with development of these puppies,

all of them have a beautiful big heads.

This picture shows our 3 females.

They are still sleeping most of the time......

untill mom comes back.

We can not wait to see them grow!






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