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Haus-Neufus Litter J:
Born July 26, 2016

Joren, Jasmine, Justice

Litter will be linebred – 5 generations
* 4,5 - VA1 Bax von der LuisenstraBe
* 5 – VA4 Odin vom Hirschel
* 5 – VA4 Beaury van de Haus Kikura

2 x SG1 USCA Soren vom Kuckucksland


BH, AD, HD – normal, ED - normal, full dentition, AKC DNA, ZW 80, OFA tested N/N for Degenerative Myelopathy (not a carrier)

Soren is large, strong male with excellent expression and masculine head. He is well-balanced male and very social with people and other dogs.

He has a very nice play drive and is so easy to train. Loves to go for a walk, swim, chase a ball and be with his family.

He is an extremely beautiful dog with very deep, rich red and black pigmentation. Soren's pedigree includes some of the most famous German Shepherds ever know.

View more pictures on our Soren page.

Cassandra Vom Haus Barrett


BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal, full dentition, OFA tested N/N for Degenerative Myelopathy (not a carrier)

Cassandra is a beautiful female. She is an extremely masculine female with great expression, beautiful long hair, and deep red pigmentation that is well-know in West German Lines.

Cassie is a female with high playdrive. She is a very sweet, intelligent, obedient dog that loves to be with her human pack all the time.

Cassandra is a fabulous long coated German shepherd who is the daughter of 2006 Bavaria Champion and the granddaughter of a very famous 2003 German World Champion. View more pictures on our Cassandra page.

Justice is 6 months old on the left and when she was so much younger with her friend on the right.

Justice is 4 months old.

Joren is 4 and half months old.

The puppies between 8 and 9 weeks old.

The last pictures of Justice before ...

...flying to Nevada.

Justice in her new home.

Very tired after swimming and playing with her friends.

Jana and Jasmine having fun at the club.

Jasmine is 9 weeks old.

This picture shows very tired Joren.

He is being so loved by his new family.

The puppies are 7 weeks old.

This is Justice.

One more picture of her.

This is Joren.

One more picture of him.

This is Jasmine.....

......and one more picture of her.

The puppies stayed still for a few seconds.

The girl on the left and boy on the right.

The puppies are 6 weeks old.

This is a girl.

One more picture of her.

The sisters.

The sisters again.

The puppies are enjoying a beautiful weather outside.

They had fun running around.

The is a boy.

Now it's time to take a nap!

The puppies are 5 weeks old.

This is a boy and....

....his name is Joren.

This is a girl.

One more female.

The sisters.

The boy on the left and girl on the right.

The sisters again.

Joren on the left and his sister cooling down.

The puppies are 4 weeks old.

This is a boy.

He is feisty one!

This is our baby girl ....

.....and her sister.

The girls.

The puppies already started eating solid food.

We are so pleased with the development of these puppies, all of them have a big heads and short muzzles.

They are having fun running around.

The puppies are 3 weeks old.

This is a baby girl.

Two sisters.

The pups are getting very active .......

..................and playful.

The girl is exploring the bedroom.

The snack time!

These two pictures show our boy.

He is very curious boy.

The puppies are 2 weeks old.

We are so pleased with the development of these puppies.

All of them have a very nice big head

and beautiful pigmentation.

This is a baby boy.

This picture shows two girls.

The girls again.

Sleeping beauties!!!

The puppies are six days old.

The puppies are sleeping ...........

......most of the time.

This is a baby girl.

They are only getting active when mom is close by.

Cassandra is very good mom!





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