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Haus-Neufus Litter D:
Born June 25, 2013

Delta, Dexter, Destiny, Dalia, Danica

SG1 Sebastian vom Kirchental
BH, HD - normal, ED- normal,
ZW 73, full dentition



Cassandra vom Haus Barrett
BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal., full dentition, THYROID - normal, DM clear (not carrier)






These pictures were taken when Danica was 2 years old. Such a pretty girl!

Delta at 14 months old..

Danica at 11 months old..

Danica at 8 and half months old..

Danica at 6 months old..

Dexter at 6 and half months old...

Delta is 6 months old on this picture.

Dexter is 4 months old.


Danica at 10 weeks old (on the left) and 4 months old now (on the right).D

Delta is close to 12 weeks old.

Dexter is 10 weeks old. He looks like his mom.

Delta with his best friend.

Puppies are 8 weeks old.T

This is our boy Delta!

His brother Dexter.

Our lightest girl Danica

......and her sister Destiny.

One more sister Dalia.

We like to dig but mom doesn't like it.

It's fun to play with water.

Mom Cassie is taking a break from the pups but still watching them.


Puppies are 7 weeks old.

This is our fluffy boy!

This girl has a beautiful mask.

Her wild sister.

......and the last baby girl.

This boy likes to talk.

The puppies are resting.

We will not let go.

The last picture of the pups.

Puppies are six weeks old.

The puppies went to visit the vet and all of them are in excellent health. That makes us very happy.

Mom and the pups are trying to stay in shade.

Beautiful girl.

Her sister.

It is running time.

This boy is very interested in the ball.

They always trying to find the coolest place to relax.

Mom leave me alone! I am clean enough.
Puppies are five weeks old.

This our girl.

Another girl is geting sleepy.

One more sister.

This is our boy. He has beautiful mask.

The boy again.

This girl is very interested in the fountain.

One more boy.

Chasing time!

Puppies are three weeks old.

Our darkest boy.

His brother.

This is a small " big " girl.

Her sister.

Another baby girl.

The boys and girls are relaxing after lunch!

Mom bought us a new toy. We don't think it will last long before we start chew on it.

Boy's time!

Puppies are two weeks old.

Another week passed by and the pups are getting so active. This is one of the girls.

We could not believe the babies opened their eyes when they were just 9 days old.

The puppies are so active when they know mom is coming.




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