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Haus-Neufus Litter C:
Born March 4, 2013

Chiara, Cleo, Caliapy, Cane, Cody, Colby and Cabo

SG1 Soren vom Kuckucksland
BH, AD , HD - Normal, ED - normal, ZW 75, DM clear (not a carrier), full dentition


2x SG1 Babe Vom Haus Dexel
BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal, ZW 81, DNA GPR., DM clear (not a carrier), full dentition




CoColby is 6 years old. lby

Cabo is 2 and half years old. He's the spinning image of his dad.

Colby is 2 years old. He has a beautiful dark face after his mom and dad.

Chiara is 22 months old. She really enjoys the snow.

Cabo at 21 months.

Chiara (on the left) is 17 months old.

Colby is 17 months old. He has a beautiful dark face.

Cabo at 16 months.

Chiara at 15 months with her best friend.

Cody is one year old. He is enjoying the snow.

Caliapy is doing great. She just turned 1 year old, too.

Colby just turned 1 year old.

Chiara close to 11 months old.

Chiara is 9 months and she is turning into a beautiful young female. She is a very smart and very quick learner according to her owner.

Colby at 9 and half months old.

Chiara at 8 months old.


Cabo is 7 months old on these pictures.

Chiara (on the left) at 6 months old with her girlfriends. with her

Colby is seven months old on this picture.

Cabo at 6 months old.

Cane at 6 months old.

Cody at 6 months old.


Cleo at 6 months old.

Chiara is 6 months old.

Colby is 6 months old. He is such a pretty boy.

Chiara at 5 months old with her girlfriends.

Cabo at 5 months old.

Baby girl Cleo at 4 months old.

Cabo at 4 months old.

Colby at 4 months old.

Cody at 3 months old.

Cabo at 3 months old. He feels very comfortable in his new home. HH

Cleo at 12 weeks old.


Caliapy at 11 weeks old.


Chiara at 10 weeks old.

Colby feels so comfortable in his new home.

Cleo with Bella and their friend

Chiara with her new friends

Cabo at 8 and half weeks old.


Puppies are 8 weeks old.


Chiara is saying goodbye to her siblings.

Our cute girl.

Our boy is getting tired.

This is so much fun!

I just destroyed the tree.

I am watching my siblings.

What am I suppose to do I can not keep my eyes opened?

Our two boys and the girl in the middle.


Puppies are seven weeks old.

Another week has passed by

since we took the last pictures.

These two girls are playing together.

This is our boy.

What should we do now?

The girls are hiding behind the doggie house.

Let's bother mom!

We are so thirsty.

Puppies are six weeks old.

I am a big girl now so I can smoke.

This is my sister.

This boy is always up to no good.

I do look cute, don't I?

We are saying hi to daddy.

Stop bugging me!

Catch me if you can!

Puppies are five weeks old.

What cute faces!

To the right a girl and to the left a boy.

They like to mess with each other.

This girl is saying hi to her uncle.

Two girls are plaing together.

What a cute little girls!

I can carry a ball now!

Puppies are four weeks old.

The time has come

to make new pictures

This is a big boy

This boy is playing with a sheet.

Boy and a girl

This girl is getting sleepy

What a cute little girl!

Puppies are getting tired.


Puppies are three weeks old.

The puppies just turned 3 weeks old.

They look so beautiful,

they have a beautiful pigmentation and very good bone structure.

For their age they are almost too active.

Here is a little boy.

This girl already started barking.

These puppies will have great confirmation.

They are getting hungry now.

Puppies are two weeks old.

Babe is a great mom.

In just a few days...

...they have grown so much!

Baby girl

Her sister

One more sister.

Two big "small" brothers.

The last two sleeping brothers.




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