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Haus-Neufus Litter B:
Bruno, Bjorn, Bianca, Bella, Bailey, Barrett, Bridget, Beverly, Bobbi, Brandi
Born: May 4, 2012

SG1 Jurza Von Der Kahler Heide
Born: 16th of July, 2009
BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal, DNA GPR.

SG1 Babe Vom Haus Dexel
Born: 7th of January, 2009
BH, AD, HD - normal,
ED - normal, DNA GPR.
, DM clear


Cute video of Babe with her young pups!

If you are having trouble viewing the video please try using this link...

Bailey is 8 and half year old.


Bjorn is 4 year old.

Bailey at 2 and half years old.

Bjorn is 26 months old.

Bridget and Beverly are 2 years old on this picture.

Bailey is 2 years old.

Bjorn is two years old. He is a great combination of Jurza and Babe. Bjorn also received the results for HD - good and ED - normal certified by OFA. Soon he will enter our breeding program. Congratulation to his owner. Congratulation

Bjorn is 21 months old..

Brandi ( 21 months old ) with her family members.

Bjorn is 20 months old on these pictures.

Bruno at 15 months old.

Bianca at 12 and half months old.

Bella at 1 year old. w

Bailey at 1 year old

Bridget and Beverly (calling names Maggie and Jessie) at 12 months old visiting the salon.

Bridget and Beverly at 11 months old

Bjorn at 11 months old


Bailey at 9 months old

Bjorn at 8 months old


Pups at 7 months old


Brandi with her buddy



Bianca at 6 months old

She is a little girl with a beautiful head


Barrett at 5 months old

Barrett with her best friend

Bjorn at 5 months old


Puppies at 4 months old







Bjorn at 9 weeks old


Puppies are 8 weeks old


Puppies are 7 weeks old

Puppies are 6 and half weeks old


Puppies are 5 weeks old


Puppies are 4 1/2 weeks old


Puppies are 3 weeks old


Puppies at 10 days old

A male puppy.

A female puppy.

We would like to take a nap, please!

4 small "big" sisters.

Babe is so proud of her puppies.




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