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Haus-Neufus Young Dog: Italy

Italy vom Haus Neufus
Born: February 13, 2016

BH, OFA HD - good, ED - "a1" normal, DM clear (N/N)), ZW 82, Full dentition

Sire:  VA1 Nino von Tronje, SchH3, Kkl1, HD – fast normal, ED – fast normal

Dam: SG1 Tina vom Hauswalder Bach, BH, AD, TR1, HD – fast normal, ED – normal

Linebreeding - 5 generations

* 3 – 5……in V  Baru Haus Yu
* 4 – 5……in 2x VA1  Yasko Farbenspiel

These pictures show Italy when she was 10 weeks old.

She is so special!

She likes to chew on the plastic bottle.

Now she is playing with mom.

She has such a charisma!

She is 11 weeks old on these pictures.

Learning how to swim.

Italy, calling name Maya just turned 4 and half months old.

This is Maya's best friend at the schutzhund club.

She is 5 months old and already started doing a little bit of bite work.

She is doing so well.

Italy is 21 months old on these pictures. We are getting ready to pass BH title early in the spring.

Italy has such a big beautiful head.







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