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Haus-Neufus Young Dog: Faya

SG1 Faya vom Team Barrett
Born: June 25, 2015

BH, AD, HD - normal, ED - normal, ZW 75, DM clear (N/N), Full dentition

Height: 59,5 cm, Weight: 70 lbs


Northeast Ohio Working Dog Club conformation show 2016 VP1


South Michigan ScH & Police Club conformation show 2016 SG1

Mid East Regional Conformation Championship 2016 SG1


O. G. Indianapolis Schutzhund und Polizei conformation show 2017 SG1

Metro Detroit Schutzhund & Police K9 conformation show 2017 SG2

Northeast Ohio Working Dog Association conformation show 2018 SG2

Sire: V Buddy vom Kuckucksland, IPO3, Kkl1, HD – fast normal, ED – normal

Dam: V Bella von Vierhundert Hertz, IPO1, Kkl1, HD – normal, ED – fast normal

Linebreeding – 5 generations

No common ancestry in 5 generations

Faya is 6 weeks old.

Faya is 10 weeks old.

She really enjoys her treat.

Faya is 3 months old.

She likes to steal a broom.

Faya is 4 months old.

Faya just turned 5 months old.

Faya is 6 months old on these pictures.

She has a such beautiful face.

She always find something to play with.

Now she founded the stick.

We just received the results from Offa and the results are

HD - good and ED - normal.

Faya is 7 months old.

Faya just turned one year old.

She loves to play with her ball.

And of course, her buddy Cyrus is always near by.

She turned into such a beatiful, loving and very active female.

Faya at 3 years and 10 months old.

Faya with Cyrus at the park.







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