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Haus-Neufus Young Dog: Cyrus

V Cyrus vom Team Barrett, HOT
Born: July 15, 2014

IPO2, BH, AD, KKL Life, OFA: HD - good / ED - normal, ZW 72, Full dentition, DM clear (N/N)

Height: 66 cm, Weight: 90 lbs



Mid East Regional Conformation Championship 2014 VP1

New England Regional Conformation Championship 2015 SG1

Northeast Ohio Working Dog Club conformation show 2016 SG1


South Michigan ScH & Police Club conformation show 2016 SG2

Mid East Regional Conformation Championship 2016 SG2

Metro Detroit Schutzhund & Police K9 conformation show 2017 V2

South Michigan SchH & Police Club Regional Conformation Championship 2017 V2

South Michigan SchH & Police Club conformation show 2018 V1

Mid East Regional Conformation Championship 2019 V1

Regional Championship & Universal Sieger Show 2019 Canada V2

North East Regional Conformation Championship 2019 V2

South Michigan ScH & Police Club conformation show 2019 V2


Sire: VA5 BSZS 2016 Diaz von Veterinaria, IPO3, Kkl1, HD - normal, ED - normal

Dam:  V Olympia vom Altenberger Land, IPO1, Kkl1, HD - normal, ED - normal

Linebreeding - 5 generations

*4 - 2X VA1 Yasko vom Farbenspiel

Cyrus has a sound temperament and very high play drive.

Breed Survey Report:

Large, powerful, strong head, very good type, very good pigment, eyes should be a litttle darker, high withers, firm back, good length of the croup, straight in front and rear, very good angulated in front and rear, straight coming and going, very good movement. TBS pronounced, outs.

Cyrus's Sire:
VA5 BSZS 2015 Diaz von Veterinaria


Cyrus just came from Germany.

Cyrus is 8 weeks old.

Our baby is 9 weeks old and he already found his new comfy bed.

He did not want to bite the puppy rug. He decided to go for a big sleeve.

Cyrus and his favorite playing buddy.

Tina and Cyrus.

Cyrus is 4 months old.

He just came from the groomer. He is so fluffy.

Cyrus just turned 5 months old.

He is enjoying his first snow.

Cyrus is having so much fun!

He is 10 months old on these pictures.

He has very high ball drive.

Now he is resting after swimming.

He always carries a ball in his mouth.

Cyrus is 13 months old.

He likes to pose for the pictures.

He has a beautiful big head with gorgeous mask.

He always looks so proud.

Cyrus is very smart boy and he is always up to no good.

He does very well in protection.

Cyrus is 15 months old.

Cyrus at the show when he earned his SG1 rating in 12 to 18 months long coated male.

These pictures show Cyrus during ....

.... the schutzhund training this past weekend.

As you can see, he is doing very well.

Jana is hoping to take him all the way........... IPO3 this year.

Cyrus really loves the bite work and ....

..........his helper.

Cyrus is 4 years old.

Cyrus at 6 and half years old.











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